Showing feedback - be careful what you ask for

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Real Estate

You've had a showing on your home. You are anxious to hear what the buyers thought. Your agent calls you and gives you their assessment. This is how typical sellers hear about how the public views their home. Sometimes this can be distressing to hear though. One scenario that is confusing and sometimes can worry a seller is "They thought it needed too much work" and you are thinking, I've painted and installed carpeting what else is there?

Keep in mind, just because the buyer did not like your home, or the feedback received doesn't feel positive, all feedback is important to listen to and assess.

There is more to feedback than the buyer's opinion of your home. It could be that the home was at the top of or above their budget, and the buyer's agent doesn't want to disclose this to the seller. Maybe the buyer's agent was unable to help the buyer see all the potential of your home. There could be many factors that have nothing to do with your home that are keeping the buyer from writing an offer.

If multiple showings occur and the feedback is similar, then the message is much clearer than what you receive from just one buyer.

Don't lose faith and scramble to change pricing or physical characteristics based on one showing. Listen, retain, and use the information as a tool to guide you thru the selling process.